In this week’s Instagram challenge, we’re encouraging you to travel back in time. As our lives of constant motion come to a standstill, #PPTimeTravel is all about embracing a change of pace in an unprecedented social climate. As travelers, most of us love an ever-evolving lifestyle geared towards the future, but the time has come to reflect. Let us ask ourselves what travel means to us as individuals, and how the privilege to travel has shaped our lives. #PPTimeTravel is an invitation to look at our photos and memories as return tickets to a special time and place, allowing us to revisit memories, emotions, and feelings of wonder. We hope that along the way, you discover a new spark of creativity and that this challenge allows you to travel without ever having to leave your home. No passport required.

To enter:

  1. Share a photo/video that transports you back to a meaningful travel moment in your life between today and April 03, 2020, at 12 pm EST.
  2. Take us into the scene through a detailed caption describing what this moment means to you.
  3. Tag #PPTimeTravel and @passionpassport for a chance to be featured.

From life-changing experiences to heartfelt encounters and enthralling views, take us back in time to the moments that speak most to you.

We cant wait to see where #PPTimeTravel takes you, so enter now!

#PPTimeTravel Guest Judges:

  1. Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) / Photographer / Filmmaker
  2. Victoria Wright (@veekster) / Lifestyle & Travel Photographer
  3. Stijn Dijkstra (@furstset) / Travel Photographer
  4. Roxanne & Maartje (@onceuponajrny) / Travelers  / Photographers

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted (i.e. you cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video) from a public account during the challenge period. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible for a feature.

We’ll announce the winner and honorable mentions the following week on our Instagram feed based on Quality of ImageQuality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.


For @passionpassport‘s #PPTimeTravel challenge // “This is one of those photos that I became emotionally attached to after not being so sure about the experience at the time — I had woken up at 4:30 a.m. to be first in line for the Taj, but the crowds poured in faster than I expected. After taking a few photos and declining more than a few offers for guided tours, I left feeling a little claustrophobic. I walked around the area and found a side street down to the river, where a man was praying alone with some animals. He had a boat, but could not take me across the river at risk of a fine, so I asked instead to just go out on the water for a few minutes. The sun was slowly rising as we reached the middle of a bend in the river, and I could hardly believe my eyes at this glimpse of the Taj with no people in sight.” 

Photo and words by @davemaccy / Agra City, India

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