Featured image by: @karimiliya Antigua, Guatemala

Join us for this week’s #PPColorHunt Instagram challenge! We want you to search high and low for the craziest, most outrageous moments and scenes of color you’ve come across on your adventures and travels. From monochrome hues to rainbow spectrums, wow us with your world palette.

Rainbow Light through a Window in Shiraz, Iran
Photo by: @jimmydauphotography
Shiraz, Iran

From crowded street markets to lush forest hideaways; colors can manmade or natural, eye-catching or hidden in plain sight. We want you to seek them out and paint our feed red, blue, yellow, and everything in between.

We’re joined by guest judges @chrisnumber8, @mattcrump, and @sugarandcloth! Head to their imaginative feeds for inspiration, and follow the instructions below for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed:


  1. Post as many photos/videos relating to the theme as you like between Monday, August 15th and 11:59pm EST on Saturday, August 20th;
  2. Mention @passionpassport and #PPColorHunt in your caption (if in the comments, we may miss it);
  3. Include a brief write-up (3-5 sentences) in your caption telling us how your entry relates to the theme and why it’s personally significant to you (again, if in the comments, we may miss it); and
  4. Stay tuned for the winner and honorable mentions to be announced Sunday, August 21st on our Instagram feed based on guest judges’ scoring of Quality of Image, Quality of Caption, and Creativity/Interpretation of the Theme.

*NOTE: Entries must be posted or re-posted from a public account during the challenge period. You cannot simply ‘tag’ an older photo/video. Those posted from private accounts and/or posted outside of the challenge period will NOT be considered eligible.

Sample Entry:

Photo by: @_lifeinlight Medebay Zana, Ethiopia

A fast capture taken from the backseat of a four wheel drive while on a dusty highway, the vibrancy of the colours of this Ethiopian scene blew my mind! / @passionpassport #PPColorHunt

@_lifeinlight Medebay Zana, Ethiopia


We can’t wait to see your takes on this week’s theme, so go get started! Reach out to our IG Manager Elliot Vernon at elliot@passionpassport.com with any questions.

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