This March, we partnered with Adobe to send six students and three mentors on creative assignments to Torres Del Paine, Masai Mara and Lord Howe Island. Using Adobe Creative Cloud, students captured and interpreted three of the most important conservation efforts happening around the world.

Last weekend, Passion Passport and Adobe wrapped up the final chapter of Passport to Creativity with a two day exhibit of our student’s work in Los Angeles.


Debuting on Earth Day, each student’s work was showcased in an immersive multimedia installation that recreated their expression of a protected landscape in an urban environment. Passion Passport also hosted an Instameet for over 100 members of our community at Apolis: Common Gallery on Saturday evening, just steps away from the exhibit.

Things kicked on Friday with students and mentors flying in from all over the world; some coming from as far as Australia and Europe. Because the three trips had been staggered, many of the students had already been following the other participants journeys through social media and on Passion Passport. As the students gathered as a group for the first time, the excitement and energy in the air was palpable. Within a few minutes, an unspoken bond had already formed.

“Meeting the other students was like re meeting old friends, we all immediately connected over shared experiences and a love of travel and the creative scene. The mentors were like brothers and sisters, encouraging and extremely supportive through the event and the trips.” Amelia Le Brun/Lord Howe Island


As the sun began to set, we made our way over to the exhibit. The first thing we noticed was the sheer size of the installation since it took over the entirety of Bloom Square in Los Angeles’ Arts District. Each location had its own tunnel with walls comprised of 8ft tall white screens. The students’ images and multimedia were projected onto the walls while audio from each location played from above, creating a truly immersive experience.

“It was such a surreal moment being able to see the work I’ve created showcased in such a large exhibit and watch people interact with it on such a personal level. Having experienced and ventured through the Masai Mara, I felt the need to communicate the urgency and the importance of conservation in one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Having the opportunity to showcase and communicate this message through such a large immersive installation is simply indescribable.” – Rachelle Tan/Masai Mara



Over the course of the weekend, the students had some free time to explore Los Angeles, as many had never traveled to this metropolis before. Similar to their trips abroad, they all found inspiration in exploring, photographing and documenting everything they saw.

On Saturday night, Passion Passport hosted an Instameet for members of our community from the Los Angeles area. Some traveled in from neighboring cities in California, like San Diego. Guests snacked on Bahn Mi’s and had drinks while learning more about Passport to Creativity, meeting our students, and hearing about their creative vision.


“My favourite part of the weekend was Saturday evening, our Instameet-event in my favourite area of LA. I never thought that so many friends who I hadn’t seen in a year would turn up, bringing their friends, being excited about seeing the installation and supporting the cause. I loved seeing the work of all the people behind the project pay off, and seeing old and new mates under one roof.” Lidia Gulyas/Masai Mara


As the weekend came to an end, the participants woke up on the final morning in post-exhibit bliss. Since many had flights to catch later that day, saying goodbye would be a bittersweet way to start the day. Everyone gathered in the hotel lobby, exchanged hugs, and snapped one more group shot, minus Danielle and Zach, our incredible video team, and Jarrad Seng, the project mentor from Kenya.

Although the weekend was brief, it was incredible to see all of the hard work that was poured into the exhibition and the project as a whole, and to see these incredible students connect over shared experiences.


“I am someone who cherishes every single experience that I have, because in the end, experiences are ultimately what builds us as people. During the weekend, I was really able to reflect on how much I’ve grown as a person. Every single person involved with Passport to Creativity has inspired me and made me even more passionate about my work and my perspective on the world. Being able to explore and travel to Kenya to then create things for a large installation in LA has just been such a bewildering experience. I was able to learn, explore, create and tell the story of our adventures and I feel that Passport to Creativity is just the first chapter in my story that I can’t wait to tell.” Rachelle Tan/Masai Mara


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