More Than Just Parks: Grand Teton

Early summer is when the wildlife of Grand Teton National Park is on the move. It’s also the time of year when Will and Jim Pattiz, the brothers behind More Than Just Parks, decided...

Everything You Need to Plan a Trip to Yellowstone National Park

THE BASICS Established: March 1, 1872 Location: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho Area: 3,471 mi² (8,990 km²) Time zone: Mountain Time Annual visitors: 4.3 million Number of campgrounds: 12 Number of visitor centers: 9 WHERE IN...

Carla Coley: Bison Burger, WY

The best bison burger I’ve ever had was in Jackson Hole, WY. Actually, the first bison burger I ever had was in Jackson Hole, WY. I’d never even seen a bison (burger or otherwise)...


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