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Exploring the Faroe Islands with Filmmaker Hollie Harmsworth

Hollie Harmsworth is a Welsh filmmaker and photographer who recently ventured to the Faroe Islands. Needless to say, she had her work cut out for her when it came to capturing the staggering beauty...

Meet Toledo’s Last Master Sword-Maker

Documentarian Ben Derico recently ventured from his home city of Chicago to a tiny, ancient corner of Spain. There, he met a fourth-generation master sword-maker named Mariano and shadowed the craftsman at his workshop...

I Was Here: Untold Stories from Iran

When Assad Dadan told people he was going to Iran, one of the most common responses he received was to “stay safe.” Fueled by media narratives that paint the nation in broad, violent brushstrokes,...

Journey to the Little Kingdom Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet. Yet, there remains a single country with a negative carbon footprint. Perched on the Himalayas’ eastern edge between two of the highest-polluting countries in the world,...

The Realities of a Traveling Videographer: A Q&A with Dave Culligan

Dave Culligan is a filmmaker and entrepreneur based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Over the last few years, he has shot and edited countless travel videos, started a production company, and journeyed around the world...

Chasing Northern Lights: A Q&A with Alex Broadstock

When photographer Alex Broadstock arrived in Norway, he stepped off the plane wearing Teva sandals and shorts. Faced with the blisteringly cold Nordic weather, his friends thought he was crazy. But after a series...

Exploring India and Sri Lanka with Niklas Siemens

Niklas Siemens is a 20-year-old outdoor photographer and filmmaker. Though based in Austria, Niklas is constantly on the road exploring foreign countries and cultures while telling visual stories along the way. Intrigued by his...

Discovering Jordan with Videographer Oliver Simons

For videographer Oliver Simons, Jordan is a destination best visited with a camera and an open mind. From the sweeping vistas of Wadi Rum to the sandstone beauty of Petra, Oliver captured it during...

ENOUGH is Enough: A Q&A with Director Brent Foster

Since 2015, award-winning Canadian director Brent Foster has been traveling the world in search of living legacies — individuals who strive to lead selfless, impactful lives. He’s combined their stories into a collection called...


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