The Emerald Isle

A countryside of rolling hills crossed with a lattice of rustic wooden fences. A towering, cliff-lined coast kissed by the constant spray of sea salt. An entire island coated an emerald green lusher and more vibrant than anything you’ve ever beheld.

This is Ireland, a country marked by its staggering beauty and rich tradition of storytelling. It’s impossible to not feel the ancient magic in the air as you step out of the airport and feel the breeze against your skin. Your journey begins here.

Photography Guide

Discover the Most Photogenic Spots in Ireland

Discover Dublin

Watch, Read, Listen

The ability to tell stories holds unmatched power, a distinct ability to mine any experience — from the meaningful to the mundane — and unearth a magic within. Nobody understands this more than the Irish.

Literary Locations

Storytelling is central to Irish culture. Literature seems to spill from the nation’s cities, boglands, farms, and cliffs. Therefore, we’ve decided to highlight the country’s key literary locations.

Visit Castles

Whether you’re visiting for a quick weekend or a taking a month to explore, no Irish journey is complete without checking out at least one of these old architectural relics. With that in mind, here are eight of the most mesmerizing castles in Ireland.

See Coastal Towns

Carved by the Atlantic Ocean, these places are littered with stretching beaches, sharp cliffs, weathered castles, and quaint main streets. If you’re struggling to choose which coastal towns to include on your itinerary, this list is here to help.

Take a Hike

Like the country’s history, the variety of trails is extensive, allowing travelers to see much of the country by simply walking or hiking. Here are nine hikes to get you started.

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Meet the man who holds the record for the world’s longest barefoot walk

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Climbing the Cliffs

I had been in Ireland for nearly four weeks and was suffering from severe homesickness. I cried myself to sleep every night; despite living out a life-long dream, all I wanted was for it to end.