Travel Logs

Read about the incredible journey from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA in 2015.

The Journey

This Passport Express was the train experience of a lifetime. The journey took members of the Passion Passport community across the country for a two-week immersive travel experience with Amtrak.

The Passport Express Route Map

The Details

The group gathered in Washington, DC on September 10th 2015, where they set off on a 14 day train journey across the country on the Capitol Limited, Empire Builder and Coast Starlight. We stoppped for two nights in Chicago, Minneapolis, Glacier National Park, and Portland before arriving on September 24th in San Francisco. Throughout the trip, there were workshops and seminars led by some of our most distinguished passengers. While we were on the train each passenger got a bunk in our private sleeping car, and our events were held in a private observation car.

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Meet the Travelers

The following group of speakers and community members joined us for the experience.

pei-ketron-400adrienne-pitts-400michael-george-400jeffrey-gerson-400jedidiah-400ruthie-circlejon-freemancubby-grahammickela-mallozzi-mentorPassport Express guest Adam Kingmanpassport-express-guest-alix-farrenPassport Express guest Annie WentzellPassport Express guest BC SernaPassport Express guest Brian MulderPassport Express guest Chris Amatdanielle elliot passport express guestpassport express guest Fran TiradoPassport Express guest Gina Nicole FontesPassport Express guest Holly Marie CatoPassport Express guest Jillian MannPassport Express guest Katie Anne DenisPassport Express Kelly Burgesskyla-tretheweyPassport Express guest Matt RickPassport Express guest Mike SeehagelPassport Express guest Philip EastmanPassport Express guest Phillip MartinPassport Express guest Roxanasasha-fotoPassport Express guest Sera LindseyPassport Express guest Tim Kressin

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