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Community Events

Man Surrounded by Tropical Forest and Water in Costa Rica

#PPTropical Instagram Challenge – 04/18/19 to 04/24/19

Photo by: @thewildlifecouple Costa Rica The tropics — anywhere between 23°26′12.4″ N and 23°26′12.4″ S latitude — account for 40% of the world's landmass and 40% of the world's population. We're zoning in on the #PPTropical...
Cabinet of Reading in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

#PPCorners Instagram Challenge – 04/02/19 to 04/09/19

Photo by: @danni.soouza Cabinet of Reading, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil We want to see you at your sharpest for this week’s #PPCorners Instagram challenge! Take us as well as guest judges @jssilberman & @yafiqyusman to all corners of...
Woman with Hat Sitting on Lion's Head during Sunrise in Cape Town, South Africa

#PPGoldenHour Instagram Challenge – 03/21/19 to 03/28/19

We want to see you at your brightest for this week's #PPGoldenHour Instagram challenge! Whether at home or in a distant land, we all share the same sun. Tell us as well as guest judges...
Hippo Emerging from Water in Botswana

#PPAfloat Instagram Challenge – 03/04/19 to 03/10/19

From boats to hippos to humans, this week's Instagram challenge is about anything that can be #PPAfloat! Water is central to travel, community, and life. Ancient civilizations were centered around bodies of water, and now this...
Cluny Castle through a Clearing in Aberdeenshire, UK

#PPFramed Instagram Challenge – 01/15/19 to 01/20/19

It's all about how your story is #PPFramed! Composition is at the center of this week's Instagram challenge theme. The scenes we come across on our travels can be overwhelming, so sometimes we need a bit...

#PassionPassport Twitter Chat: Unexpected Travel

Even the most meticulous planners among us can’t account for everything that will happen on the road. Whether that’s a rainstorm on the day you planned to hike, missing the last bus of the...
Aerial View of Magnetic Island, Australia

#PPFarFromHome Instagram Challenge – 10/23/18 to 10/28/18

For this week's challenge, we want to know how #PPFarFromHome you've ever been! From the remotest island to the most outlandish, off-the-grid towns — this theme is all about the farthest or furthest you've ever been from...
Orange Balconies in La Manga, Murcia, Spain

#PPCopycat Instagram Challenge – 10/09/18 to 10/17/18

We don't say this often, but we want you to be a #PPCopycat for this week's Instagram challenge! From geometric patterns in architecture to rolling hills as far as the eye can see -- this theme...
Lake Bled, Slovenia

#PPInTheNow Instagram Challenge – 09/18/18 to 09/23/18

We're bringing the Insta back to Instagram for this week’s #PPInTheNow challenge! Have you ever been caught in landscape so breathtaking you couldn't take your eyes away? Have you ever been caught in a city scene...


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