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Orange Sand Dunes and Sunset in Paracas, Peru

#PPOrange Instagram Challenge – 07/03/18 to 07/08/18

Nothing rhymes with orange, nor is it the most popular color in general. This week's #PPOrange Instagram challenge is all about your sightings of this loud but less than commonplace color — from fireworks (for...

#PPSkyline Instagram Challenge – 06/26/18 to 07/01/18

We're going sky-high for this week's #PPSkyline challenge! From the Empire State Building to the Sydney Opera House, what iconic silhouettes make up your favorite cities you've visited (or not visited)? Guest judges @demasrusli & @edgilardon are joining in, so...
Child Walking in the Sand on Lord Howe Island, NSW, Australia

#PPCuriosity Instagram Challenge – 06/19/18 to 06/24/18

Travel is all about #PPCuriosity! We want you to capture that feeling in this week's challenge. What makes you explore? What sparks your interest once you once you get to a new destination? Where are...
Plane Wing Flying Over Clear Blue Water and Whitsundays, Australia

#PPWorldOceanDay Instagram Challenge – 06/05/18 to 06/10/18

This Friday is #PPWorldOceanDay, so celebrate with us by sharing your ocean and water-related travel stories for this week's Instagram challenge! Guest judges @captainmaji & our friends at @loneywhale are voyaging with us, so check...
Cracked Ice of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia

#PPTextures Instagram Challenge – 06/12/18 to 06/17/18

Good storytelling doesn't just make you visualize; it transports you. From leathery elephant skin to wavy sand dunes, share your photos and videos of #PPTextures that do just that for this week’s Instagram challenge! Guest judges @georgetheexplorer...
Lone Red Taxi in Hong Kong

#PPRoads Instagram Challenge – 05/29/18 to 06/03/18

Tell us about the #PPRoads you've traveled! This week’s Instagram challenge is more about the journey than the destination. Is it off-road? Rocky road? Yellow-brick road? Guest judges @aljvd and @robmulally will be joining and can't wait to read...
Man Pouring Tea against Blue Mirrors in Essaouira, Morocco

#PPTravelEncounters Instagram Challenge – 05/22/18 to 05/27/18

Tell us about your #PPTravelEncounters! This week’s Instagram challenge is all about the people you’ve come across on your adventures and travels. It can be anyone from a taxi driver to a friend you met...
Blue, Red, and Yellow Seats in Berlin, Germany

#PPColorWheel Instagram Challenge – 05/15/18 to 05/20/18

It's time to spin the #PPColorWheel! This week's Instagram challenge is all about the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) you've come across on your adventures and travels. Ever walked the "Blue City" of Chefchaouen, Morocco?...
Fog and Eraser of Shard in London, England

#PPNegativeSpace Instagram Challenge – 05/08/18 to 05/13/18

Join our #PPNegativeSpace Instagram challenge this week! Sometimes less is more, and this can be applied to travel. Leaving open space -- in itinerary as well as in photos -- makes the little you include...

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