A boy peeks over a metal fence

The Difference Between “Expat” and “Immigrant”

Names build worlds. They are vessels of reputation, a means of categorization, and a code of identification. Nomenclature serves a system — in scientific, public, and political discourse by which we distinguish difference, signpost...

12 of Instagram’s Best Aerial Photographers

The bird’s-eye views that drones allow us are enthralling to behold. And as the devices themselves become more accessible, more of us are taking to the skies to capture the world from up high....
A sign reads "We are better than this" at the Women's March on Washington

Women’s Equality Around the World: How Far Have We Come?

Women’s equality has been a hard-fought issue in almost every nation around the world. It’s a struggle that has, to a great extent, defined the social and political discourse of the modern era. Issues...
A man carries supplies down the street

This Passion Project Is Challenging the Impersonal Cycle of Documentary Photography

It all started as casually as a conversation with a fellow coworker, back when “world-recognized photographer” wasn’t yet part of the job description. Before his photographs graced book covers and galleries all over the...
Hennaed hands pile on top of one another in solidarity

A Guide to Indigenous Festivals Around the World

According to the United Nations, an estimated 370 million people in the world identify as indigenous peoples. Representing over 5,000 different cultures across 90 countries, these unique communities have historically lacked representation and acknowledgement...
A directional sign in an endangered language

The Race to Revive Our Dying Languages

Pay attention to the street signs of France’s outlying towns, and you’ll notice that many of them are inscribed not only in French but also in another, less familiar language. The other words are...
Desert rocks underneath a blue sky

How Climate Change is Affecting the World’s Indigenous Peoples

The world is in the midst of a climate change crisis. This summer, temperatures all over the Earth have shattered heat records in places that typically boast moderate climates, and the hottest places on...
Two people stand in a field seen through a window

Who Are Indigenous Peoples?

Any historical account of the world would be incomplete without mentioning the people who exist beyond what we consider “modern societies.” International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples commemorates the cultures and societies of...
A man walks through the snow with a small peak behind him

Adventurer At Law: How to Travel with a Full-Time Job

Nicholas LeRoy is an attorney who preaches calculated risk to his clients and enjoys formulating and implementing legal strategies at one of Florida’s largest law firms. He is also an adventure travel enthusiast who...

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