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Willa Tellekson-Flash
Willa (@willatf) is a junior at New York University, studying in Amsterdam, the Netherlands this spring. The first things she looks for upon arriving in a new city are open-air markets and hidden cafés, and she is happiest when exploring without a map.

Reflections from Amsterdam: A Study Abroad Story

When I first arrived in Amsterdam at the beginning of my study abroad adventure, nearly six months ago, I was eager to make the city my home. I spent every free moment wandering the...

Hiking to the End of the World: A Study Abroad Story

I held my hand up to the sky. Four fingers width between the sun and the horizon line. That’s how much time we had before the sun would sink into the ocean. A few hours...

Appreciating Stockholm: A Study Abroad Story

Right before my plane landed in Stockholm, I looked over the list of museums, neighborhoods, and cafés I wanted to visit while I was in the city for the weekend. The list took up...

Finding Wonder in the Quaint: A Study Abroad Story

Wanderlust often fills my thoughts with images of colorful, cosmopolitan cities. I am energized by the challenge of navigating the maze of a new city and find joy in wandering aimlessly, unsure what cozy...


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