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Will Higginbotham
Will is an avid traveler and writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Since his first trip overseas in 2010, Will has caught the travel bug and spent time in over 20 countries. He travels to challenge himself and to understand more of what it means to be human. When not exploring outdoors, he can be found taking photos, writing, reading, and working as a junior producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
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Why Working Holidays Are Worth Considering for Americans

Not too long ago, I left my homeland of Australia and took a working holiday visa to the United States. Destination: New York City. When I told people – especially in the US --...

5 Things To Do on Poya Days in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s ancient city Anuradhapura is a must on any itinerary, but it is particularly special during a full moon Poya Day. Two hundred kilometers from Colombo, at the tip of Sri Lanka’s cultural...


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