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Whitney Brown is a recent journalism graduate and travel writer based in Utah. She has lived in France and Ireland, and she's always planning her next big adventure. In addition to her passion for travel, Whitney loves archaeology, photography and floral design.

How To Plan a Staycation

Whether your funds are tight, your vacation days are limited, or you just want to do a better job of exploring the place you call home, planning a staycation is an easy way to...
San Sebastián, as seen from the top of Monte Igueldo.

A Honeymoon Stop in San Sebastián

The drizzling rain couldn’t disguise the city’s charm. We finished settling into our room, noticing through the window that the streets were mostly empty. After seeing the evocative greenery, the bay, the buildings, and...
No Man's Land, a spit of white-coral sand in Tobago.

11 Things to See and Do in Tobago

Dreaming of a Caribbean escape? Who could blame you? Tobago, the smaller island making up the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, is a great option for a seaside getaway. And it just so happens...

Hostel How-To: A First-Timer’s Guide to Budget Accommodation

If budget travelers around the world have anything in common, it’s a mutual love of hostels. But not all of them are created equal — these low-cost accommodations range from bare-bones dormitories to comfortable...
A directional sign in an endangered language

The Race to Revive Our Dying Languages

Pay attention to the street signs of France’s outlying towns, and you’ll notice that many of them are inscribed not only in French but also in another, less familiar language. The other words are...
Black & white image of a ship on icy open waters

Famous Travel Expeditions: Roald Amundsen’s Journey to the South Pole

When Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen decided that he wanted to lead the first successful expedition to the South Pole, he didn’t tell many people what he had in mind. After all, he was already...
Elvin and Zay grew up in tropical Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.

Meet Elvin and Zay, the Travelers without Suitcases

Elvin and Zay Tirado can’t help loving Puerto Rico, the island where they grew up, met, and fell in love. Although they spend about three-quarters of the year exploring faraway cities and countries, they...

A Family-Friendly Guide to Puerto Rico

Looking for some family fun? Hoping to help your kids catch the travel bug? An island getaway is the perfect trip for people of all ages, and Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for...

A Walk Through Old San Juan

Old San Juan, San Juan Antiguo, Viejo San Juan — no matter what you call this area, you can’t deny that it’s aging gracefully. The district in Puerto Rico’s capital dates back to 1521,...

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