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Tamara Thurman
Tamara is a freelance travel- and copy-writer who also blogs about her adventures over at Travelling Tam. After being brought up in a small village in beautiful Northern England, she then pursued a corporate London career in event management and marketing but quit in 2017 to have more freedom to travel. When she’s not writing, you can probably find her at the front of a rock-and-roll gig or festival stage, solo-hiking, or eating. You can follow her on Instagram @travelling.tam.
A lagoon on Bruny Island, photo by Tamara Thurman

What Overtourism Is Doing to Remote Tasmania

The wilderness: a romantic tableau of untouched ruggedness pined after by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. Yet, on a planet as overpopulated as ours, wilderness, in its truest form, is becoming harder and...


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