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Passion Passport’s community includes explorers, creators and storytellers from around the globe. Their travel experiences have challenged them, shaped their perspective of the world and given them a better sense of who they are. Both online and off, Passion Passport offers the opportunity to connect with one another, to share those pivotal moments, and to travel with purpose.
electric cars zach houghton

Protected: Why Electric Cars Are the Future of Sustainable Travel

More people are choosing to travel each year—both domestically and internationally. But an increase in tourism has come with an awareness of some of the pitfalls of the industry: negative impacts on local communities,...
Dog Sitting on Bench in Ecuador

#PPSummerPostcard Instagram Challenge – 09/12/19 to 09/18/19

 @langer_danger Secret Garden, Cotopaxi, Ecuador #PPSummerPostcard is the theme for this week’s Instagram challenge! Has anyone ever complimented your photo saying it's good enough to be a postcard? As a farewell and last hurrah for...
an empty soccer stadium in the daytime

Connecting Through Soccer in Qatar

Think of the shirt sponsors you see in soccer: for the biggest teams, it’s almost always an airline, telecommunications company, a bank, or maybe a car company. These are all industries that have the...
the doha skyline as seen from the museum of islamic art

Doha: A Destination All Its Own

When Hamad International Airport opened in 2014, it was a statement of intention from Qatar to the world about Doha's emerging position within the framework of international travel. It didn’t take long for the...
a scene in joshua tree national park

Photography Is More Than a Moment

Photography is not just a hobby, especially when it comes to capturing a moment while traveling. Though it might seem as if carrying around a heavy camera that weighs on your shoulder or remembering...
Camera Amidst Lenses, iPhone, Computer, and Currency

#PPWorldPhoto Instagram Challenge – 08/20/19 to 08/27/19

 @miss_anastasia_u #PPWorldPhoto is the theme for this week’s Instagram challenge! Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and sometime's it's worth the world. In honor of World Photo Day this past Monday, we're looking...
the rain vortex in singapore's changi airport

How to Spend a Layover at the World’s Best Airport

Whether you’re in Singapore for a few days or on a short layover, Changi Airport is a must-see during your stay in the Lion City. Voted consistently by international air travelers as the world's...
A LARQ self-clean water bottle rests on a rock with a flatiron building and cityscape in the background.

How to Create a Cleaner World: Care About Your Water

At Passion Passport, we believe in the power of travel as an exploration of the self, insofar that there are as many different and wonderful ways to roam this earth as there are kinds...

A Guide to Hong Kong’s Southern District

Despite its reputation for being intensely urban, Hong Kong is still home to an abundance of natural calm. One of the best places to find a quiet break from the city center is in...


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