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Sivan Askayo
Sivan Askayo is an editorial and commercial photographer specializing in Travel, Food, Portraits and Lifestyle. When not shooting on assignment, she loves to capture the local Street Art scene and some hanging laundry for her fine art project 'Intimacy under the Wires' She splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York, where she is constantly involved with the ICP, International Center of Photography, both as a teacher assistant and a guest speaker. Selected Clients: Editoial: AFAR Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller US, UK, Elle Decor, FEAST, Hemisphere United Airlines Magazine, High Life British Airways Magazine, Lonely Planet Traveller UK, Marie Claire UK, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Monocle, Travel + Leisure, Resource Magazine, Virtuso Traveler, Voyeur Virgin Atlantic Magazine, Wallpaper Commercial: The Norman Hotel, Alma Hotel & Suites, Portuguese Tourist Board, Flanders Tourist Board

Photo Essay: Intimacy Under the Wires

Sivan Askayo's Intimacy Under the Wires photography project showcases people's most personal items displayed in the most public of venues. By capturing images of clothing hanging out to dry, Sivan gets a glimpse into...


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