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Rachel Gulotta
My biggest dream has always been writing. My pipe dream has always been photography + video editing. It's pretty neat that I get to do both, and it's more than pretty neat that I get to do what I love with my best friend.

TBLI Round VI, Part III: Gásadular

https://vimeo.com/137455796 Today, I head back to the island Vágur to find out what it knows. I'm driving with the tiny village of Gásadular in mind, but I'm interrupted almost as soon as I start. Rounding...

TBLI Round VI, Part VI: The Last Leg

https://vimeo.com/138215042 It’s morning. I’m peeling my clothes from the radiators in each room of my Airbnb and wondering why time is only ephemeral when I don’t want it to be. I close the door to...

TBLI Round VI, Part V: Farewell Faroes

https://vimeo.com/137996313 It’s morning, and I meet Debora and Greg at the base of Slættaratindur, the tallest mountain in the Faroe Islands. I’m told that every island can be seen from the top of it, though...

TBLI Round VI, Part IV: Eysturoy

https://vimeo.com/137675711 Today, I head to the island Eysturoy (pronounced Esther-roy). I've only seen the tiny village of Gjógv (JEG-veh) in photos and I want that to change. Through a wedding photographer collective, I’ve met an...

TBLI Round VI, Part II: REK > FAE

The airport at Reykjavik is tiny. The plane that I board here is tiny. The length of the flight to the Faroe Islands is tiny. Everything except my luggage is tiny and easy to...

TBLI Round VI, Part 1: Halló from Iceland

https://vimeo.com/136994184 At 6am, I arrive in Keflavik wearing leftover shorts from New York and a newfound, unfamiliar edge against jet lag and Benadryl (stemming only from anticipation and utter attraction). The airport here is quiet,...


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