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Nicole Mason

Nicole Mason works as a civil engineer during the summer, and spends the rest of the year traveling as much as possible. She loves exploring and trekking to places less traveled, and is energized by the challenge of communicating across language barriers. Follow Nicole on Instagram.

A Last-Minute Plane Ticket to Cairo

“Dozens Are Killed in Street Violence Across Egypt” “U.S. to temporarily shut down embassies around the world” These were the headlines as I was flying to the Middle East for my birthday in August, 2013. I...

The Best Trek You’ve Never Heard Of: The Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path is often missing from the hiker’s bucket list. Treks like the Inca Trail and Kilimanjaro have their rightful spots, but the path along the Welsh coastline, speckled with quaint towns, immersed...

Beyond the Major Cities of Japan

Dare I say that while the cities of Japan offer endless entertainment, it is the areas beyond the urban bustle that will take your breath away? I spent three weeks in Japan last October and,...

Journey Through Mongolia

I was traveling from Germany to Thailand in the midst of a 14-month trip around the world. The airline gave me two options for a lay-over: Nepal or Mongolia. It was an easy choice;...


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