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Mavi Parra
Mavi Parra is a bilingual freelance writer, film photographer and full time nomad. Her work takes a reflective look into issues such as travel, gender, culture and the experience of humanity in a rapidly changing world. Follow her on Instagram @mavi_parra.
solo traveler hitchhiking in trunk of car

The Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Hitchhiking

It’s usually those people who have never tried hitchhiking who will try telling you that you shouldn't. While simply being a woman in this world calls for extra precautions, that doesn’t mean you should...
a lone tree in the savannah at dusk

Decolonizing Travel: Going Ethically to Under-Resourced Countries

Traveling is more at our reach than ever, and while we can all agree on the positive aspects of that, it also makes it necessary to place real thought onto our privileges and duties...
bookstore aisles

Everyone Travels: Travel Writing by Authors of Color

If we are to guide ourselves by the names and titles placed on most lists arranging Great Travel Writing of All Times, it’d be easy to think no one writes about their travels as...


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