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Lara Miller
Lara Miller is Australian born and bred with a heart that is spreading further across the world. Aware of Lara’s fading vision due to Usher Syndrome, she and her husband took a 6 ½ month sabbatical throughout Europe and the UK, taking photos, writing, eating, walking, making new friends and getting glimpses into local life in each destination. Upon returning to Australia they could not resume a settled life, for the urge to continue exploring became the priority. They have lived out of their suitcases since June 2014. They crave urban environments and landscapes in equal measure. He drinks coffee, she photographs it. You’ll find them walking hand-in-hand and their cameras around their necks. Lara relishes the simple joys, appreciating whatever it is that she sees and captures, and discovering the rest through her husband’s eyes and images. For more of Lara's adventures, follow her on Instagram: @lovewalkeatsee

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