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Joseph Ozment
Originally from Tennessee, Joseph Ozment is a writer and musician whose relationship with travel was shaped by growing up between the Southern U.S., Wales, and Hong Kong. So far, he's written for a newspaper in Russia, released a handful of home recordings, and started a novel (with plans for more, someday). When he's not busy running country roads or cheering on Liverpool FC, he's most likely making the next cup of coffee, or plans for the next trip.
A neon cut-out of a hitchhiker stands on the side of a road at night.

Hitchhiking to Morocco with Artist Louise Ashcroft

“Stay wild. The real world is better than art. Run on your own and with the pack. The group is a form of drag. They can't catch you… Shift shape. Cuckoo to mistletoe to...
A mural reading "freedom" on a red and white wall.

Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Why Writing is a Privilege

We all know the saying: the pen is mightier than the sword. History has tested this assertion at every turn, even up through the modern age. If there’s anything that these tests have demonstrated,...
Several neon signs along a street in Edmonton.

A Food and Drink Guide to Edmonton

Edmonton’s food and drink scene is one of the most eclectic you’ll encounter anywhere, because its story mirrors that of the city itself. Edmonton has always prided itself on diversity and multiculturalism, but until...

A Creative’s Guide to Edmonton with Soul Search Canada

Creativity propels Edmonton’s continuing growth as a cultural hotspot in Canada, and the fabric of the city itself that allows that to happen. It is a tight-knit community of self-starters who saw the potential...
A dish of berries and other vegan ingredients rests on a fruit in someone's cupped hands.

Why the World Needs More Vegans

World Vegan Day has been celebrated on November 1 every year since 1994. In 2018, Veganism is both more popular and more pertinent than ever before. While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and...
A woman jumps over a rocky crevasse at sundown.

How to Maintain Wellness While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, and no matter how long you might be gone, it can be difficult to maintain the routines that you practice at home. That said, an active lifestyle...
Travel entrepreneurs discuss draw business plans on a map.

Meet 7 Travel Entrepreneurs Modernizing Adventure

The advent of social media has arguably made the world feel smaller than ever before. The sights and sounds of our big, beautiful planet can be beamed straight to our screens on demand, and...
View of a building's towers with smoke seeming to rise from them

Confronting the Post-Trip Blues

“Beware of destination addiction — a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job, and with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is...
A directional sign in an endangered language

How to (Actually) Learn a Language at Home

Language immersion (i.e. using your target language in everyday life in a country where it’s spoken) is often stressed as one of the most important steps in the language-learning process. There is a good...


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