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Originally from Tennessee, Joseph Ozment is a writer and musician whose relationship with travel was shaped by growing up between the Southern U.S., Wales, and Hong Kong. So far, he's written for a newspaper in Russia, released a handful of home recordings, and started a novel (with plans for more, someday). When he's not busy running country roads or cheering on Liverpool FC, he's most likely making the next cup of coffee, or plans for the next trip.
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Why Food Justice is Important to Understand During Black Business Month

What is Food Justice?  Though it’s a large movement, food justice generally refers to holistic efforts towards increasing the access to healthy food in communities that have historically faced barriers to finding fresh and affordable...
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I Thought Travel Made Me a Better Person — 2020 Proves I Was Wrong

I only got one C in college, and to say I was indignant about it at the time would be a massive understatement. I was having a lot of fun just picking classes that...
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Analog Photography: Authenticity in an Age of Loss

Let me take you back to 2018. After discovering my interest in photography, my grandmother tells me that she’s coming to visit with a gift, and an attached caveat: don’t get your hopes up,...
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Inspirational Travel vs. Sustainable Travel

From The Expediency of Culture by George Yúdice: “Alongside technological innovation there has mushroomed an extraordinary urban activity… fortifying the social fabric of bars, restaurants, chance encounters on the streets, etc. that give life...
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Black Photographers & Influencers to Follow Right Now

Are you a Black photographer who is available for hire? Sign up to the #HireBlackPhotographers database from @diversifyphoto. A small realization in the past few weeks led me to ask myself something: why do I...
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Five of the Best Breweries in Nashville, Tennessee

Like any other North American city on the come-up these days, Nashville has ridden the wave of the craft beer revolution and, much to the delight of locals and visitors alike, seen a proliferation...
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Taxi Driving in Exile: The Privilege of Travel

I touched down at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport somewhere around 7:00 New Year’s Eve 2019, the third time in recent months I’d taken this exact flight from Nashville. It always arrives at the same...
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Stay Home and Save the Natural World

I was on a run recently in the park near my apartment, one that has a nice circular course full of parents pushing strollers, panting dogs, and people like me, who sometimes resemble the...
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International Authors Every Traveler Should Know

Anyone who travels is probably already more receptive than the average consumer to media from other countries, but there is often the hurdle of translation that needs to be navigated when it comes to...


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