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In July 2017, I found myself on a plane to Cape Town with a one-way ticket to pursue my dream job in cancer research. I am currently doing my Ph.D. in Computational Systems Biology at the University of Cape Town. In my spare time (believe me, I still have some of that!), I am doing my best to explore every inch of amazing South Africa by going hiking, going on road trips, attending festivals and more. I plan to explore the rest of entire Southern Africa in the next three years.
lgbtq guide to johannesburg

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a city of complexities. The skyscrapers are surrounded by shacks, the people are from many different backgrounds, and the never-ending activity  here tends to dominate one’s experience. Many people have a love/hate...
lgbtq guide to cape town dan grinwis

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Cape Town

Compared to its neighbors and the rest of Africa, South Africa has always been unbelievably progressive in terms of LGBTQ rights. Not only is it one of the first countries in the world  to...


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