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Devon Shuman is a creator, a storyteller, and a traveler from Boston, Massachusetts. He caught the travel bug at a young age when his family would take camping trips in southern Maine and New York’s Adirondack region. Since then, his adventures have taken him all across the globe. His favorite journeys include island hopping in the Galápagos, thru-hiking Vermont’s Long Trail, and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. He currently works as an editorial consultant for Passion Passport, helping explorers from around the world tell their stories.

Finding a Home in Driggs, Idaho

When Camrin Dengel graduated from college, she didn’t know where she would end up. All she knew was that she wanted to be an outdoor adventure photographer. She picked up a copy of the...

Canoeing Through Ice: An Unexpected Journey in Montana

The freezing air bit at Morgan Phillips as he swung the axe into the ice ahead of the canoe. Alternating between breaking up the frozen lake in his path and stroking the frigid waters...

Antarctica Bound: Exploring the White Continent with @nomadasaurus

When they received the news, they jumped out of their seats at the packed cafe, threw their arms in the air, and danced. Everyone looked at them like they were crazy. But Jarryd Salem...

How to Travel the World with a 9-5

“A lot of people say they didn’t think it was possible that a normal person like me could travel the world.” “But I did.” During the week, Alvaro is like any other typical worker. He commutes...

Ethical Travel: A Conversation with Katie Diederichs of Two Wandering Soles

During their senior year of college, Katie Diederichs and Ben Zweber studied abroad in Florence, Italy — and they never looked back. From their early days teaching English in South Korea to their recent...

From the Pharmacy to the Philippines: Tara Povey’s Incredible Personal Journey

On a hot day in 2014, in a small wooden boat anchored off the coast of the Philippines, Tara Povey felt happy. She’d just completed her level-one certification for freediving — an extreme sport...


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