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Corynn is an editorial intern at passion passport and proud Angeleno. In her free time you’ll find her escaping to the ocean, hiking, or stirring up a real-life hurricane in her kitchen. Whatever it is, it rarely involves sitting still…unless, of course, she’s writing. She believes travel has the capacity to make us more reverent of every version of the human experience.

Get Your Head in the Clouds at Cape Breton Highlands

Situated on the northern end of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Highlands National Park is home to an imposing plateau where jagged rock and lush green landscapes meet the Atlantic Ocean....
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When to Opt Out of Animal Tourism

If you’re like me, you grew up with visions of “Shamu the killer whale,” jumping and flipping in jubilee as plastic-poncho-covered humans cheered, but in the last decade documentaries such as Blackfish and Food,...
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Taking Care of Your Mental Health Abroad

When preparing for a trip abroad, deciding on lodging and a daily itinerary can often take priority, but incorporating a plan for your mental health is just as important. Mental health thrives in routine,...
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A Local’s Guide to Historic Jeddah and the Red Sea

In Jeddah, history is tangible and seamlessly woven into the present. A walk through the maze of ancient architecture will guide you through centuries of trade and pilgrimage. Jeddah has hosted travelers for over...

A Guide to Exploring Saudi’s Red Sea Underwater

While the land of Saudi Arabia presents a myriad of diverse landscapes for exploration— black lava fields, white sand beaches, lush mountaintops, and bustling cities—the Red Sea is a destination in its own right....

The Cherokee Nation and The Great Smoky Mountains

Before the National Park System existed, and certainly before any European foot stepped on North American soil, the Cherokee Nation sustained life in what is now considered the Southeastern United States. Their territory spanned...
Three tents glowing with light beneath vast night sky in the Sierra National Forest, USA

Some of the Best National Parks for Stargazing

The beauty of natural spaces morphs as the sun rises and sets, illuminating the landscape in a different way each hour. And when the skies darken, magic ensues. While nights in many cities and...
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Vegan Travel Tips

Travel as a vegan can be tricky, but with these tips it doesn't have to be. Most cultures’ cuisines are built on a foundation of plants, and in many nations, meat is a luxury while...

A Celiac’s Guide to Gluten’s Paradise: Gluten-Free in Italy

Traveling with any kind of food restriction is undoubtedly stressful. It requires adequate research and consistent troubleshooting when expectations aren’t met. And when your food restriction is necessitated by an allergy or disease, this...


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