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A Cuban girl with an American passport and a home in the Dominican Republic, Caro Moya is a writer and wanderer with an affinity for finding home in the unknown. When she’s not working for Passion Passport or planning her next big adventure, she’s most likely dipping her toes in the ocean or singing her favorite songs into a hairbrush. Follow along on instagram @caroocaracol
View of Dominican countryside from Montaña Redonda

Montaña Redonda: A Love Letter to Home

By the time we reach the top of the mountain, the sun has nestled comfortably in the middle of the sky. It’s been following us since we left, trailing behind the truck as if...
A red-painted city street

Fado: The Love That Remains

She is sobbing. Her face contorts every which way, and for a second, I think she might throw herself on the ground. She begins with a low rumble, a wounded cry of sorts, but...
A man carries supplies down the street

This Passion Project Is Challenging the Impersonal Cycle of Documentary Photography

It all started as casually as a conversation with a fellow coworker, back when “world-recognized photographer” wasn’t yet part of the job description. Before his photographs graced book covers and galleries all over the...
Hennaed hands pile on top of one another in solidarity

A Guide to Indigenous Festivals Around the World

According to the United Nations, an estimated 370 million people in the world identify as indigenous peoples. Representing over 5,000 different cultures across 90 countries, these unique communities have historically lacked representation and acknowledgement...
Golden buildings on the water's edge

Meet Mariellen Ward: The Solo Traveler Behind BreatheDreamGo

In 2005, following a period of loss and frustration, travel writer and storyteller Mariellen Ward made a decision that would ultimately change the course of her life. In what seemed like an out-of-character decision...

Instagram’s Top Budget-Travel Experts

Let’s face it. Costs can add up fairly quickly when you’re on the road. That said, having a budget can go a long way in determining how much you can experience during your travels....
Amusement park game booths shut down for the season

The Other Side of Coney Island

It was Helin Bereket’s first time in Coney Island. She hadn’t planned on visiting. It was late winter, after all, which meant it was off-season for the famous Brooklyn beachside amusement park. Still, Helin...
Vista of a dry plain from atop a hill

On Being Foreign

As a Cuban girl with an American passport and a home in the Dominican Republic, I am no stranger to foreignness. My sense of identity is as makeshift as patchwork, an improvised quilt with...

ENOUGH is Enough: A Q&A with Director Brent Foster

Since 2015, award-winning Canadian director Brent Foster has been traveling the world in search of living legacies — individuals who strive to lead selfless, impactful lives. He’s combined their stories into a collection called...


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