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Alistair Hornsby
Alistair Hornsby was born and raised in Luxembourg but currently resides in the UK. He likes to keep himself busy with practicing photography, art, and design. He’s no stranger to travel, two of his favourite journeys having taken him around-the-world, and across the U.S. He currently works on the Editorial Team at Passion Passport, helping to bring impactful stories to the world. You can follow him along his way at https://www.instagram.com/alstiar/ or check out his upcoming photo journal, Saudade, at https://www.saudademagazine.com/.

How to Navigate Cultural Differences

When traveling, we often become acutely aware of just how different our worldview is from the cultures we encounter. Hoping to dissect this notion, we asked some seasoned travelers what they’ve learned from navigating...

To the City or the Country?

While Passion Passport seeks to bridge communities and expand experience through travel, we’re aware that adventuring to far-off places can leave quite the carbon footprint. Our Sustainable Travel Series celebrates eco-travelers, low-impact ways of...
A Croatian flag hangs from a window over a street and across from a Church.

The Benefits of Traveling Alone

Traveling solo can be incredibly daunting. The thought of feeling lonely and homesick stops many from packing their bags and going it on their own, but if you can pluck up the courage, you...

Meet Pando, the Trembling Giant

A giant lives in a forest of central Utah. It spreads itself before the banks of Fish Lake. When the wind blows through the valley, it quakes. It is ancient, older than any human...
yellow castle luxembourg

Exploring the Green Heart of Europe

At the intersection of France, Germany, and Belgium sits the small, landlocked nation of Luxembourg. It’s a little pastiche of European culture, having been influenced by the convergence of its neighbors. Today, Luxembourg is...
Pedestrians in a central square in Krakow, Poland

Slow Travel: Taking a Step Back

Have you ever sat in the window seat on an airplane, watching the world below crawl by unassumingly, and wondered what it would be like to wander through those distant landscapes? If you answered...
A boy peeks over a metal fence

The Difference Between “Expat” and “Immigrant”

Names build worlds. They are vessels of reputation, a means of categorization, and a code of identification. Nomenclature serves a system — in scientific, public, and political discourse by which we distinguish difference, signpost...

12 of Instagram’s Best Aerial Photographers

The bird’s-eye views that drones allow us are enthralling to behold. And as the devices themselves become more accessible, more of us are taking to the skies to capture the world from up high....
A pond surrounded by parkland, Queen's Park, Brighton

A Guide to Brighton’s Best Neighborhoods

Brighton is one of the most vibrant and livable cities on the south coast of the United Kingdom. An easy train ride from central London, it’s the perfect place to escape the hectic capital...


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