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Alex Schnee
Alex is the Editorial Manager at Passion Passport. She's Montana-born, a New York dreamer, and a citizen of the world. She loves connecting with other cultures through food, adventure, sustainability, and photography.
australian bushfires

A Cry for Help: What to Do About the Australian Bushfires

One of the most peaceful trips I ever took was the one to the Australian Outback. Uluru loomed large in my mind ever since I saw pictures of it in an encyclopedia as a...
how to fly comfortably

How to Stay Comfy and Stylish for Your Next Long Flight

For most of us, lengthy flights are not something to look forward to, but the destination awaiting us at the other end makes it worth it. And although long-haul flights can be uncomfortable, there...
hiking in india ben lowe

A Tour of India’s Best Hikes

India is a vast and diverse country with many places to explore and discover. When it comes to hiking, India has a number of areas where you can get in touch with nature and...
women in india alex schnee

Why Women Need to Travel to India

“I’m so glad he’s going with you,” my friends and family chorused when they heard I was headed to India. I wondered what they would have said if I had mentioned that I had always...
running while traveling andrea leopardi

A Guide to Running While You Travel

Traveling is an enriching experience, just like running. Both actions ennoble the mind, lift the spirit, and broaden horizons. Imagine what benefits you could reap for your mind and body if you started running...
miami on a budget lance asper

Miami on a Budget: Free Things to Do

Miami is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States, and for good reason. There is still the unfortunate perception that Miami is exclusively for high-rollers and big spenders, but this isn't...
overtourism rumman amin

Why Overtourism Is Every Traveler’s Problem

Can you imagine a world without giraffes on the African savannah? How about the beaches at Maya Bay completely closed off to visitors because there are just too many of them? You might be...
hotels with art nicole franzen

A Night at the Museum: Hotels Highlighting Artwork

Visiting museums might be a favorite part of travel for many art lovers, but some hotels are looking to take that same experience to a new level -- by incorporating it into their lobbies...
is it safe to travel to egypt spencer davis

Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?

‘What am I doing?’ I thought. ‘I can’t believe I left without my boyfriend.’ I was about a ten-minute walk from our hotel. The WiFi had gone out in the building and we had no...


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