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Alex Xanthoudakis
Alex is a writer and amateur astrophotographer based in Vancouver, Canada. She loves road trips, hiking, and reading books about fandom. When she isn't planning her next adventure, she can be found watching trash TV.

How Do You Know if Your Voluntourism Trip Is A Scam?

Voluntourism has grown more popular in recent years. It makes sense: with the news cycle covering a world that seems riddled with bad news, enacting positive change has become more important than ever —...
cliffs with ravine

Meteora, Greece: The Coolest Place You’ve Never Heard Of

My conception of Greece has never really been the same as the guide books’. This is probably because I’m Greek, myself. My dad’s family is from the island of Crete, and because of the...
Close up of Chinese glacier.

The Third Pole Thaw: The Climate Crisis You’ve Never Heard Of

When we talk about climate change, we tend to focus on rising sea levels, extreme temperatures, abnormal weather, and melting glaciers at the poles. Mostly, we hear warnings about the threats facing island systems...
Woman looking out over Maya Bay.

Conserving Paradise in Maya Bay: An In-Depth Look at How Our Actions Shape Our...

The sand was like powdered sugar beneath my feet and the water was a gorgeous, crystal-clear turquoise. Limestone karsts shielded the bay dramatically on both sides, creating a basin dotted with Thai long-boats and...

How Solo Travel is Different for Women

I had just arrived in Amsterdam — unofficially known as one of the safest cities in Europe — and immediately boarded the wrong tram. The sun had already set, and I found myself lost...
The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye.

An Instagrammer’s Guide to the Isle of Skye

Located in the northwest of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is a land steeped in story. Its rugged landscape, picturesque fishing villages, and medieval castles inspire awe in a way that is difficult to...


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