traditional indian boat crossing lake

Awakening in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The taxi from Maharana Pratap Airport took us to the edge of Lake Pichola, where complete silence greeted us after the colorful and chaotic streets of Udaipur. I felt compelled to be at peace...
kodaikanal india preethi rb

Exploring Kodaikanal Amid Mist and Sunshine

It all started with a sense of emergence, an escape from the back-aching burden of assignments as a writer and the many sleepless nights they caused me.  After the submissions were finally made, it...
customs in india frank holleman

Indian Customs You Should Know Before You Go

India is a playground for the intrepid traveler, offering everything from diverse landscapes to cultural history through its temple complexes. You also have access to bustling, dynamic cities and world-renowned food and friendly locals....
badami temples girish gopi

Cave Temples and Culinary Treasures in Badami

Of over a thousand UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world, 38 are found in India. Destinations like the Taj Mahal and the pink city of Jaipur are frequented, but many others remain overlooked...
architecture in ahmedabad elke frotscher

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Architecture in Ahmedabad

This post has been made possible by a partnership with Kamalan. The majestic walled city of Ahmedabad was founded over 600 years ago by Sultan Ahmad Shah. Throughout the centuries, various groups have ruled the land...
tourists at the agra fort

Stunning Alternatives to the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, and understandably one of the most heavily photographed. While no trip to Agra would be complete without seeing it, the Taj...
hiking in india ben lowe

A Tour of India’s Best Hikes

India is a vast and diverse country with many places to explore and discover. When it comes to hiking, India has a number of areas where you can get in touch with nature and...
women in india alex schnee

Why Women Need to Travel to India

“I’m so glad he’s going with you,” my friends and family chorused when they heard I was headed to India. I wondered what they would have said if I had mentioned that I had always...
south india daniel volland

An Instagrammer’s Guide to South India

This post has been made possible by a partnership with Kamalan. The tropical regions of South India beckon to travelers with the natural beauty of lush mountains, dense forests, and sweeping sandy shores. All along the...


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