boats in rotterdam canal

A Women’s Travel Guide to Rotterdam

Amsterdam may be the Netherlands’ most popular destination, but the country’s equally charming “second city,” Rotterdam, exudes a distinct character that’s entirely its own. The majority of Rotterdam was bombed during World War II;...
masked carnival performer in brazil

A Whip-Cracking Carnival in Brazil’s Cowboy Country: The Caretas of Triunfo

Triunfo is a quaint city located in the heart of Brazil’s ‘cowboy land,’ the sertão. Amid the Savanna landscapes of this semi-arid region, it is an oasis with its cooler temperatures and lush greenery....
lone hiker in green valley

How To Solo Hike the W Trek in Torres Del Paine, Chile

For nearly 10 years, it had been a goal of mine to complete a long distance trek in South America. The more research I did, the more discouraged I became. The 15,000-foot altitudes of...
several women doing yoga pose by body of water

The Story Behind a Popular Tattoo for Traveling Yogis

Yoga has been bastardized around the world by modern interpretations of the sacred practice — and it’s not just the fault of travelers. From yoga with beer or goats to foreigners profiting off of...
traditional indian boat crossing lake

Awakening in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The taxi from Maharana Pratap Airport took us to the edge of Lake Pichola, where complete silence greeted us after the colorful and chaotic streets of Udaipur. I felt compelled to be at peace...
aerial view of boat leaving a sea cove

How to Make Your Dollars Go Farther for a Sustainable Lifestyle

There are any number of reasons that people can come up with not to act and spend on a sustainable lifestyle. Separating recyclables from the rest of the trash can be a hassle —...
ancient greek mural

Exploring the Ancient Capital of Alexander the Great: Royal Tombs of Aigai

Light shone in a display case protecting a dainty golden crown. Visitors, whose faces were obscured in the dimly lit underground chamber, murmured in hushed tones - awed by the magnificence of the museum's...
view of galaxidi greece from across bay

Galaxidi, Greece’s Hidden Gem

After visiting the historic site of Delphi in the midday heat, I desperately wanted somewhere to retreat to for the final few days of my time in Greece. Somewhere that wasn’t going to be...
sheep in a field of wildflowers

An Ireland Travel Log: At a Snail’s Pace

“Why do people kiss the Blarney Stone?” “It’s supposed to make you talk more. The ‘gift of the gab.’ So you don’t need to kiss it.” My mom swatted at my arm, in the same spot...


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