rocsen museum guide

A Guide to the Rocsen Museum and Town of Nono in Argentina

Museums are usually an amazing place to dive into certain topics– whether it be art, culture, natural science or history. But only a few museums in the world can compare to the vastly diverse...
camino de santiago portuguese route

After Walking the Way: Reflections After Reaching Santiago de Compostela

We arrived at Santiago de Compostela a little past mid-day. After weeks of walking through the mountains of northern Portugal and Spain, entering the city felt like a dream. I couldn’t feel the constant...
tours for women

Traveling Solo Together: Why More Women Are Choosing to Take Tours

Are you without a travel partner, but not yet ready to go on a solo adventure abroad? Rest assured that there are many methods for women to find a travel community while on the...
soccer in argentina

Why You Need to Attend a Football Match When You Visit Argentina

Unforgettable? A football match?  That’s right. In Argentina watching a football match in person, in the stadium, is something everyone should do at least once in their life.  I am a Boca Juniors fan, and...
australian bushfires

A Cry for Help: What to Do About the Australian Bushfires

One of the most peaceful trips I ever took was the one to the Australian Outback. Uluru loomed large in my mind ever since I saw pictures of it in an encyclopedia as a...
interview with marcus john

Mind, Body, and Soul: An Interview with Marcus John

This interview was conducted by our Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Erik Mohn.   You started off working in fashion as a stylist. You’ve had your work on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and in editorials...
lgbtq guide to nice

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Nice

Avid LGBTQ travelers love to flock to Paris’ gay bars, restaurants and nightclubs, especially to its vibrant and bustling neighborhood known as Le Marais. However, as inclusive as Paris is, it mainly caters more...
adventure travel in new zealand

An Adventure Junkie’s Guide to New Zealand

If lounging poolside for days on end sends you loopy, but sliding down a 50-foot hill on a toboggan gets you giddy, then this is the guide for you. Leave your relaxation at the...
the mississippi river in memphis

How to Start Making Money by Writing (About Travel)

Love it or hate it, we live in a world where monetizing our hobbies is simultaneously easier than ever and simply a fact of life if creatives want to get by. There’s a tacit...


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