lgbtq guide to cape town dan grinwis

Mini LGBTQ Guide to Cape Town

Compared to its neighbors and the rest of Africa, South Africa has always been unbelievably progressive in terms of LGBTQ rights. Not only is it one of the first countries in the world  to...
clean water in kenya ian macharia

How Clean Water Is Changing Everything for Women in Kenya

We’ve paired up with OMAZE to support the Samburu Project. The winner of our  contest receives a trip to Kenya and accommodations at Giraffe Manor. Enter here and read more about how the Samburu...
traveling to egypt nassim whba

An Egypt for Every Type of Traveler

Egypt’s prime location straddling Africa, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Arabian Peninsula makes it a favorite spot of travelers coming from around the world. From the stunning beaches along the Mediterranean and the Red...
instagram guide to egypt

An Instagrammer’s Guide to Egypt

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, chances are you’ve been inspired and enticed by photographs of its ancient sites, pristine beaches, and delicious local cuisine. No matter why you’re visiting , it’s hard...
african safaris nam anh

How to Choose a Sustainable African Safari

When it comes to traveling around the world, it is clear that the goal is not only to see new places, but to focus on doing so more sustainably. Looking at the environmental impacts...
egyptian cuisine nicole baster

Egyptian Cuisine: What It Says About the Country’s History

As an Egyptian, food is everything. You bring a plate of konafa to your aunt’s house when she invites you for a feast of hammam mahshi and rokak. You meet your friends over kushari...
religious monuments in cairo omar elsharawy

A Guide to Religious Monuments in Old Cairo

Cairo, or Al Qahera as it’s known in Arabic, means “the conquerer.” It is an ancient city where countless religions have resided. From the time of the pharaohs to modern, Islamic Cairo, a piece...
scuba diving in egypt jakob owens

A Guide to Exploring Egypt Underwater

The wonderful land of Egypt is home of one of the most enigmatic and fascinating ancient cultures in the world. With its pyramids and timeless temples, it has always attracted flocks of tourists for...
camels in the shadow of egyptian temples

A Comprehensive Guide to Egyptian Temples

The architecture of Ancient Egypt has fascinated explorers for thousands of years. By glorifying their achievements, their families, and their gods with magnificent temples, the pharaohs have allowed us to walk in their world...


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