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lavaux switzerland carol jeng

Taking a Walk through Lavaux, Switzerland

They say Lavaux has three suns shining on it. The first is the sun in the sky and the second is the reflection from the waters of Lake Geneva. But the third sun comes...

Three Days in Switzerland

Switzerland: a country known for its idyllic landscapes. From the Alps to the glaciers to the valleys; its beauty extends in all directions. Photographer and Videographer, Zach Fackrell, was privileged to spend three days in...
Dog Sitting on Bench in Ecuador

#PPSummerPostcard Instagram Challenge – 09/12/19 to 09/18/19

 @langer_danger Secret Garden, Cotopaxi, Ecuador #PPSummerPostcard is the theme for this week’s Instagram challenge! Has anyone ever complimented your photo saying it's good enough to be a postcard? As a farewell and last hurrah for...
Picture of cakes in Arles, France.

Letter from Arles: Following the Steps of Vincent van Gogh

Arles is a modest-sized French city in the region of Provence. Its more specific location is the Camargue, a large, development-free expanse of breathtaking flora and fauna that includes pink-hued flamingoes, white horses, and...
Fields at sunset in Soblówka, Poland

The Land of the Fields: Poland’s Great Outdoors

When Poland springs to mind you might find yourself contemplating a delicious pierogi or a glass of Bison Grass Vodka in the gothic metropolis of Warsaw. However, the country’s magic extends far beyond its...
Two backpacking women rest in Salerno.

A Guide to Backpacker-Friendly Urban Centers around the World

Quite literally one of the most inexpensive forms of travel, urban backpacking offers vagabond adventurers challenges and opportunities they wouldn’t find on a more traditional journey. It involves meticulous planning, extended budget travel, and...
An unusual angle of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Unexpected Destinations for Every Month of the Year

We could probably guess at least a few of the items on your travel bucket list. There’s a good chance that it includes some of the world’s most popular cultural events and destinations, like...
The Northern Lights in Norway, which always ranks high on the World Happiness Report.

What Happiness Means in Countries Around the World

All around the world, billions of people are just trying to live healthy and fulfilling lives — but it’s easier to be happy in some countries than in others. At least, that’s what the...
A ridgeline in Switzerland, as captured by Lars Schneider.

Instagram Spotlight: Lars Schneider (@larsschneidervisuals)

We feature some of the brightest Instagram storytellers in the Passion Passport community through our Instagram Spotlight series. Today, Lars Schneider (@larsschneidervisuals) shows us some of his favorite wild places in Europe and Asia. Germany I...


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