#PPMeetHalfway Passion Passport Instagram Challenge 3x3 Honorable Mentions Collage

Teaming up with our friends at PayPal for our #PPMeetHalfway Instagram challenge, we asked you to use the Meet Halfway tool to tell us who you’d like to reunite with this holiday season and where your geographical midpoint is.


Thanks to all who participated for taking us from Cambodia to Bahrain! And a special thanks to our guest judges @katieanndenis, @kellyburgess, and @mariahnogy (click here for their Meet Halfway stories).


Congratulations to our contest honorable mentions (moving left to right, starting top-left): @musiosaurus@jaclynmarcatili, @sunsetsandsunshine@charmainedacosta, @darrylstravels, @waqonthewildside, @kathryncooperphotography, @shazade_law, and @sheisboundless!


Instagram Challenge winner @wright.carter's photo

Congratulations to our contest potential winner @wright.carter who will meet up with his brother in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and whose entry is below:


My brother@mrmichaelwright is exactly 5.5 years older than me, always one step ahead of me in life. Because of this, we haven’t lived in the same state — or even the same side of the country — in over a decade. Flights are expensive, and we are lucky to see each other once a year. And unfortunately brotherly banter and much needed life advice is infinitely better in person.

Having only seen the Southwest from a plane window, I would be thrilled to meet my brother halfway in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both as professional creatives, we would explore the diverse art scene and be inspired by the unique beauty of the Santa Fe National Forrest, all while catching up on life and pestering each other in the process.

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  • WOW. What an honor. This is so amazing. Thank you so much Passion Passport for this honor! I am thrilled and can’t wait to spend time with my brother!

    Will you be sending the details to my email? Can’t wait to start planning!