Thanks to everyone who entered our May giveaway and congratulations to our winners:

Cathay Pacific:
2 Round Trip tickets to Hong Kong
Jocilyn Schumacher, Max Herndon

Ona Bags:
7 ONA backpacks, 2 straps
Jayne Jennings, Meridith Paige, Menaka Dodampe Gar, Leander Slaney, Nina Aronoff, Katrina Taningco, Tammy Ohagan

25 $100 gift certificates
Pamela Joy Salud, Jibin Joseph, Arvin John Pangiligan, Agnes Cheung, Grace Long, Monica Desmarais, David Wei, Jason Gibbs, Benoit Deshayes, Marlysa Razak, Wei-Hsiang Huang, Rachel Bicha, Anne-Marie Bernier, Shawnna Saunders, Allyson Morgan, Qing Fang Toh, Sandra Eminger, Sarah McNally, Sullivan Kwan, Kathy McKenney, Tanyi Ng, Harold Yeo, Emad Darwish, Tom Fuerte, Yuk Yip

20 Kammok Wallaby & Python Straps
Doug Kelley, Owen Dunn, Guillermina O’Rourke, Corinne Rice, Wanda Lee, Anne Chapel, Kimberly Crane, Ron Mckibban, Katharine Milbradt, Tiffany Owens, Patrick Ueltschi, Annette Weiss, Randall Baker, Aidrien Wilkins, Jillian Littlejohn, JoAnna Kester, Kristin Wahlquist, Temple Lentz, Kam Tor, Sally Yau, Tony Yee

40 $50 Mizu gift certificates
Scott Ong, Kelky Yaksich, Richard Kam Ma, Shinta Reinlie, Wesley Chen, Angela Kwietniewski, Ashley Trainor, Rachel Simpson, Laura Huehn, Chris Xu, Johonnie Quinn, Choi Pak, Heather Liebensohn, Nina Aronoff, Heather Clark, Chun Chan, Andrew Nash, Theodore Kaplan, Fung Ping Chow, Zaidy P, Victor Jolley, David Duuguay, Barry Bieda, Sarah McNally, Elena Korbut, Rebecca Ling, Julia Yiu, Garrett Richardson, Lyse Gentile, Aliciamarie Balili, Emmanuel Sioson, Angel Leal, Alex Stoll, Fiona Hamilton, Gabriela Garcia, Elena Senilova, Arianna Franca, Raymond Lee, Ting Man Ghaw

Moment Lens:
10 Moment Lens Kits
Hannah Seliga, Richard Gill, Danielle Hannemann, Liang D. Wu, Bradlee Locke, Kristen Malenke, Jason Bradbury, Wietske Eikelenboom, Avi Naor, and Dana Sperling!

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter our June giveaway — you could one of several prizes and even a trip to Joshua Tree!


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